About us

What is Aletheia?

Aletheia is a decentralised open access scientific journal. Think of it as a peer to peer (P2P) publishing platform and database all rolled into one. You can submit original scientific research or existing non copyrighted research to help build up our library, and you can access our library to download articles, all free of charge!

Why is Aletheia important?

Currently, a large portion of humanity’s collective scientific knowledge sits behind paywalls, only accessible to those with financial means. What’s worse, with a large amount of research being paid for through government grants, taxpayer funds, people have already paid for this research! Why should we have to pay twice? Scientific knowledge should belongs to us all, and Aletheia gives everyone access to information that they deserve as a basic human right.

But open access journals already exist, how is Aletheia different?

Open access journals are scientific journals that do not restrict access to scientific information, and while Aletheia adheres to this principle it is different to existing open access journals in a number of ways. The key difference is that rather than being a static website, Aletheia is a client that you download to your PC to upload and download articles to and from. Aletheia is decentralised, meaning the information stored in the network is spread across everyone running the client. Aletheia is not beholden to any single interests and is literally in the hands (or computers!) of the community. Aletheia is YOURS.

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