About me

Find me on Draketo.de, my personal page, and on the site of the 1w6 RPG, a free licensed roleplaying game which dares to take the balancing act of supporting both long campaigns and one-shots (an english example is The Pirate Party flyerbook).

On the software side I mostly contribute to GNU Guile, which I see as the most promising project to teach and further programming, and to Freenet, which provides spam-resistant, pseudonymous communication and publication to re-establish freedom of speech in the internet.

Almost everything I create is Free Culture or Free Software, and most is copyleft, to ensure that what is free today will stay free tomorrow, and that my work provides most value to people who create or share free cultural works. Yes, that’s politics: I want to support spreading free culture in our society.

I use the funds from Flattr to pay part of my hosting cost. Should the funds exceed that, I’ll use it to create physical goods which are free to share and recreate (for example on the german free RPG day), commission artists to create free licensed works which I could not create on my own (in sufficient quality) or haggle with my wife and kids for more time to create more free works ☺.

I dream of one day earning enough with Free Culture to be able to lay down my day job and work full time on the projects I love and on the projects I deem important.

You can flattr me here

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