About us

An artist collective working across borders to exploit modern technology creating electronic music, video and artwork.

Embracing the ethos of punk and early synth pop, Fighting This Monster seeks to draw upon the music heritage of its members to provide an alternative to the consensus that electronic music in the 21st century must mean something that is dance oriented.

Combining the song writing and programming skills of Daniel, Michael and David, the mixing and production of Chris and the artistic direction provided by Alun, Fighting This Monster believe that there is a need to combine a strong musical statement with visual creativity and to immerse its followers back into a world where record sleeves and the video linked imagery to sound.

The members of Fighting This Monster are based in the UK and Germany; the birthplaces of synth based music. They feel that there is a place for the rebirth of well-constructed songs that reflect the challenges and opportunities of our times. Fighting this Monster want to tell the stories of the internal and external struggles inherent in the World that we live in.

FTM is at the start of its journey. The band’s style is evolving. There is sufficient common ground to deliver great results but tension to keep the creative process exciting. We invite you to support the evolution of synth pop into the post-industrial era.

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