About me

I create content you can use for free:

  • my extensive eBook library can be found at eBooks.Qumran.ORG – mostly public domain books (i.e. author died 70+ years ago), but also recent ones either under a CC license like my own Android eBooks or with explicit permission by the resp. authors
  • my Android app lists (ordered by real life categories with reviews linked and more) can be accessed at Android.IzzySoft.DE – where you also find my articles on Android topics (usually privacy related)
  • I maintain an F-Droid compatible repository with Android apps not available on the official repo. You can include that with the configuration of your F-Droid app, and also take a closer look at more details using your web-browser
  • I keep you up-to-date via my Twitter account (only with significant tweets, of course)

and much more. I do all of that in my spare time. I don't get paid for it (and yes, my books are also available in print versions – but if you think technical books make you rich, you're living in a dream: they take additional time in preparation, and pay around 1 buck per hour of work spent on).

Your Flattrs will encourage me to keep on doing the above. Even a few Flattrs will raise my mood concerning this. No Flattrs coming in for an extended period of time will lower it, and I might lose interest. So please, push the button! It's for your own best :)

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