About me

Me at the piano

I am foremost a musician: Composer, classical pianist (Studied at Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm), accompanist, musical coach, music critic.

I am also an independent researcher, inquiring into the areas of peace, music (not least listening ), philosophy, the role of technology in society, partyology , etc.

I am a writer. Books (Vanguard Nostalgia (Offensiv Nostalgi), 1993. Det bästa gömstället 2001). I have been columnist in Computer Sweden, Upsala Nya Tidning and other publications. Currently writing in Opulens and music mag OPUS.

I am a lecturer, in all the above mentioned subjects. Also do workshops.

But mainly I am a peace walker (my name for "peacenik"). Peace means harmony, but we are too interested in disharmony, conflict and war. Polarization and finger pointing is too exciting, while harmonization and peace not interesting enough. That needs to be changed.

Ladislaus Horatius (thb@allnyckel.se)

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