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Mateusz Morawski is a Polish musician, composer, producer, guitarist and graphical designer. His music is a mixture of electronic, metal, progressive and breakbeat. He is also designer of all music related artwork, promo materials and videos.

  • Early career (1996 – 2009) Influenced by PC/Amiga demoscene he started to record first sample-based compositions on his Amstrad 286 PC computer on 4-channel music tracker software. After a few years of experience with multichannel trackers, around 2002 he started to play the electric guitar and made his initial demo guitar recordings on PC multitrack audio software. For the next 7 years he learned music production techniques and developed musical production approach and equipment.
  • Music releases (2010 – present) Mateusz started to release first tracks independently in 2010 on myspace, later on last.fm and soundcloud under Creative Commons license. Among several published compositions in electronic and metal genres, he considers “Type1a” from 2011 as his first single. It was a classical chillout tune inspired by Tschaikovsky and Mussorgsky symphonies, but produced with electronic instruments. In 2012 he released 2 tracks. “Pursuit Milestone One” explored more breakbeat areas as inspired by The Prodigy and Noisia, while “Doggerland” turned into progressive metal with electronic flavor by including influences from Tool prog metal band. On July 2013 “Doggerland” track was featured as a soundtrack to youtube video “5 Of The Most Gruesome Medieval Torture Devices” on BuzzFeed channel with half million views. www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2Se3knPozM In March 2014 Mateusz released a new progressive electronic track titled “Dogger Plant”. According to reviews it sounded like a combination of electronic and film music with similarities to Juno Reactor music for The Matrix Reloaded movie. December 2014 brought a release of a “Hards” video for one of the first tracker songs from 1996 which introduced hardcore techno style....

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