About me

Hi there, I'm ng0.
I'm one of the developers behind GNUnet.
GNUnet is an alternative network stack for building secure, decentralized and privacy-preserving distributed applications. Our goal is to replace the old insecure Internet protocol stack. Starting from an application for secure publication of files, it has grown to include all kinds of basic protocol components and applications towards the creation of a GNU internet.
My main focus is system integration and usability.
This means I am working on fixing one of the big problematic fields in GNUnet, documentation in a language and structure that is easy to understand. Beyond that I am working on infrastructure (website,…), hunting bugs, general system integration (Guix, long term work: GNUnet FS integration into Guix and more with infotropique (roadmap). I maintain gnURL, I'm working towards Onion Routing the GNUnet way,...

The very short tl;dr of this is, I am working on GNUnet with a focus on usability and access.

Why could you flattr me? Well I'm working on this regardless of any payment because it's something I'm passionate about. As a student my income is very limited, and if you flattr me whatever you think this is worth, even if it's just a dollar, euro, yen, or whatever your nations currency is, I have less to wory about and the cat living with us will be happy about snacks :) I really appreciate any token which shows that others care.

You can flattr me here


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