About us

Gaming Against Violence

Jennifer Ann's Group is a nonprofit charity preventing teen dating violence (TDV). Since 2008 our annual Life.Love. Game Design Challenge has produced dozens of free video games designed to #stopTDV!

Teen Dating Violence (TDV)

TDV is a complex, nuanced problem. Although it shares many of the same traits as "domestic violence" it is further complicated by lack of awareness; insufficient policy focus; and relative naivete of those most affected. 44% of all students have been in an abusive relationship by the time they graduate from college!

Video Games as a Solution

Our free video games are available in English, Spanish, and French. They can be played online or downloaded to your smartphones and tablets. We have free games and apps available through Google Play, Blackberry World, Windows Phone, iTunes, and Amazon Appstores.

Video games are the best solution to preventing teen dating violence!

  • Adolescents prefer digital games over other mediums.
  • Digital games offer an advantage over traditional approaches by utilizing:
    • Experiential Learning: instead of reading about TDV, students safely experience it
    • Discovery Learning: students safely explore TDV, recognizing critical aspects on their own
    • Contextualized Learning: students learn about TDV within context
  • Our video games provide a cost-effective teaching tool for educators:
    • Digital products are much easier to scale than physical resources
    • Digital products are much less expensive to deliver
    • Digital products are directly accessible by adolescents via smartphones
  • Digital games are especially effective for unhealthy relationships:
    • Our games increase knowledge and awareness and also change attitudes about the acceptability of unhealthy dating behavior

Rules & Registration for the 2016 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge

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