About me

Hello and Welcome to my Flattr!

My name is Yohann and I'm an internationally published photographer. I travel the world to photograph the people, celebrations, icons, lifestyle and culture that make each country unique. Most people know me to be a “Gypsy Photographer”, free spirited in his ways of working.

I believe in monochrome photos and I try and find unique perspectives and compositions. With my photography, I aim to capture a moment.

I focus on feelings. Emotions. Interactions. What makes us human. How we are living beings. I continue what I started in photography: working on the very core of what makes us alive, and how we deal with that. Contrasts, tensions, contradictions, passions. With each encounter, I explore souls and hearts.

I feed on music and movies and journeys. Inspiration can come from a mood, a song, a frame, a light. A vibration. You.

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