More vision.
Less agenda.

Flattr exists because we believe in a better internet.

We want to make it easy to support great creators online

We love the creativity of the internet, and we believe that all the artists, writers, musicians, craftspeople, video makers, storytellers, teachers, photographers, cooks, guides, and gurus that are out there every day making wonderful things for us to enjoy should be rewarded for what they do.

We also believe that the best way to do this is with direct contributions. To share the love and help creators to keep creating.

The Swedish saying, "Många bäckar små blir en stor å" (many small streams form a large river), outlines the philosophy of Flattr — small contributions from many can make a meaningful difference! So join us - with your help and your creativity, we can make the internet even better.

Made with love in Malmö <3

Meet the Flattr Team

Linus Olsson

Co-founder, Product Manager

Electronic Musician

Leif Högberg

Co-founder, Backend Developer

Maker, Gamer

Fredrik Lundhag

Operations Engineer

Audiophile, Beer Connoisseur, Gamer

Thomas Greiner

Frontend Developer

Gamer, YouTube Aficionado

Jon Englund


Traveler, Culture Explorer, Foodie

Maciej Wicha

Publisher relations

Lambretta scooter fan, scooterboy

Henrik Ljunggren


Beer enthusiast

Heather Novotny

User research

Aspiring comedian

Gabriel Burning

Frontend Developer

Beer lover, Quiz champion

About eyeo

Flattr AB is a full subsidiary of eyeo GmbH, the company behind the world's most popular open source browser extension, Adblock Plus. eyeo believes in giving people control over their browsing experience and creating sustainable revenue for creators.