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We believe that when users support great online content, creators and publishers can keep creating awe-inspiring things.

Back in 2010, Linus Olsson and Peter Sunde launched Flattr, a micropayment platform that allowed users to monetarily support their favorite online content. Things were good, but we wanted them to be better.

So, in 2016 we teamed up with eyeo (the folks behind Adblock Plus) to create a new and improved Flattr. Our robust browser add-on takes the effort out of funding great content.

We like to think the Swedish saying, "Många bäckar små blir en stor å" ("Many small streams form a large river"), outlines the philosophy of Flattr — to receive a little from many, rather than a lot from few. You see, when the masses do great things, the fundamental system changes. Join us in our quest to keep the web open and free for years to come.

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