Flattr.com is social microdonation service

The team when it all started in 2010.

Flattr was founded to help creators get paid for their digital content in manner that is aligned with how people use the internet. Before Flattr, it was impossible to send small amounts of money to all the creators you valued.

When you're registered to flattr, you add money to your account and set a monthly budget. During the month you flattr creators by clicking the Flattr-button next to their content. At the end of the month, your monthly budget is divided between all the things you flattered and sent to the creators.

Connect your Flattr account with services you already use, such as Twitter, Github, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Instagram, Flickr etc. After doing that supporters simply “Favorite”, “Like” or “Star” to flattr the content creators write, film, record, code etc.

Flattr has no different user types. We acknowledge that everybody is a creator on the internet. All our accounts can both give and receive flattrs.

Flattr can be used as a complement to accepting donations. Or to having advertising. Or to help getting small donations you never get for your open source software, blog, music, film, game etc etc.

With Flattr, supporting creators becomes a natural part of your life. By doing what you already do on service you already use you can easily support the creators that make the internet so valuable for you.

We believe in a free and open internet. We want people to value what they get from internet and support creators monetarily / voluntarily, and help them create more awesomeness.

If you have suggestions or need any help, contact us using the contact form »