World Wildlife Fund

WWF’s mission is the conservation of nature. Using the be...

by givv

SparkleShare - Self hosted, instant, secure file sync

SparkleShare creates a special folder on your computer in...

by hbons

GNU wget

GNU Wget is a free software package for retrieving files ...

by gscrivano

Linux Outlaws

Linux Outlaws is a weekly podcast about Linux and Free / ...

by fabsh


OpenWrt is described as a Linux distribution for embedded...

by OpenWrt

Piwik - Web Analytics - Open Source

Piwik is a downloadable, open source (GPL licensed) real ...

by piwik Podcast

The podcast dedicated to under-reported news and global c...

by bicyclemark

Wordpress Flattr Plugin

Give your readers the opportunity to Flattr your effort. ...

by der_michael

C3S - Caring for free culture

This is the home of the Cultural Commons Collecting Socie...

by C3S


AlternativeTo is a new approach to finding good software....

by AlternativeTo


Synergy is free and open source software that lets you ha...

by nbolton

Everything is a Remix

An ambitious four-part documentary on the history and cul...

by kirby1


556 Flattrs Received From 260 People

by hukl

CIA Red Cell Memorandum on United States

This CIA "Red Cell" report from February 2, 2010, looks a...

by WikiLeaks


European Digital Rights was founded in June 2002. Current...

by edri

The SSH Library

The ssh library was designed to be used by programmers ne...

by libssh


205 Flattrs Received From 141 People

by denis2342


Hello! That’s us - the Flattr team :) Click the "flattr" ...

by flattr

The Wormworld Saga

An Online Graphic Novel by Daniel Lieske

by daniellieske

I2P - Invisible Internet Project

I2P - the complete universal anon software. Build as a o...

by I2P

Etherpad Foundation

Etherpad is a web service that allows real-time document ...

by adammawson


Mp3tag is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit met...

by mp3tag

La Quadrature du Net

La Quadrature du Net is an advocacy group that promotes t...

by laquadrature

Questionable Content

Questionable Content is an online comic strip about music...

by jephjacques

Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

"Can I use" provides compatibility tables for support of ...

by fyrd