CRE in der Hörsuppe

CRE: Technik, Kultur, Gesellschaft Die Livetermine in dei...

by timpritlove

Linux Outlaws 167 - On Her Majesty's Secret Server

This week on the show: AMD vice president embarrasses her...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 168 - The Brigadier Drops By

This week on the show: Brigadier Bradshaw joins us as a g...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 196 - Women with Shotguns

This week on Linux Outlaws: We talk about the natural dis...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 201 - Infected Through the Backdoor

This week on Linux Outlaws: The RIAA wants $75 trillion f...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 214 - Das Router

Adobe thinks Android is the future of the Linux desktop, ...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 216 - Jaffa Cakes

LulzSec disbands, people are still hacked, Karen Sandler ...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 219 - Summer LULZ

IBM to contribute Symphony, we look at changes in Ubuntu ...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 240 – You Wouldn't Steal a Baby!

This week on Linux Outlaws: We catch up with tons of stuf...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 241 - Then We Took an Arrow to the Knee

On this show: The Megaupload Song, Creative Commons 4.0 h...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 244 - Let Me Get on the Human Megaphone

In the first episode of 2012: Amazon sells a ton of Kindl...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 250 - Digital Rights Update

In this special episode, we talk to the great people of t...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 256 - The Beards are Coming!!!

Nvidia joins the Linux Foundation, Pwn2Own news, Raspberr...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 258 - Assault Limo

OggCamp 12 is coming and we tell you everything about it;...

by fabsh

5by5 | Mac Power Users #82: Cooking Ideas

David and Katie cover mind mapping, outlining, and their ...

by danbenjamin

5by5 | The Critical Path #36: An Interview with Clayton Christensen

Horace interviews his teacher Clay Christensen to discuss...

by danbenjamin

5by5 | After Dark #150: After Hypercritical #66

Dan and John Siracusa after Hypercritical episode 66.

by danbenjamin

5by5 | Amplified #5: Instant Gratification

5by5 - Amplified #5: Instant Gratification

by danbenjamin

5by5 | After Dark #151: After Build and Analyze #76

Dan and Marco talk after Build and Analyze episode 76.

by danbenjamin

Linux Outlaws 265 - It Doesn't Affect Your Ball Control

EA launches two games in the Ubuntu Software Center, the ...

by fabsh

Radio ARA Podcast

... licensed by SACEM Luxembourg. Feel free to integrate ...

by RadioARA

Culinaricast in der Hörsuppe

Culinaricast Die Livetermine in deinem Kalender Die vorlä...

by Culinaricast


Vi har idag följande kostnader för driva säkerhetspodcast...

by sakerhetspodcasten

Linux Outlaws 162 - Neckbeards Unite!

This week on the show: The Google/Verizon deal, the SFLC ...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 173 - GPL Black Ops

This week on the show: Banshee becomes Ubuntu's default m...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 175 - Clusterfork

This week on the show: Telstra violating the GPL, Ubuntu ...

by fabsh

Linux Outlaws 187 - Let Me URL-Shorten That for You

On this episode: L33tm33t at FOSDEM, Pirate Party member ...

by fabsh