The blog Techdirt, where we discuss all things about inno...

by techdirt

Falkvinge on Infopolicy

Discussions on information policy and civil liberties: th...

by Falkvinge

Swedish libertarian blog about civil rights, privacy, fre...

by hax

Free Brokep

We wanted to help our co-worker Peter (Brokep) to pay off...

by flattr - Open news platform for Anonymous

AnonNews is a news platform for Anonymous with an open-po...

by joepie91

Facebook owns us

Facebook has become the event planning system. It’s...

by brokep

We are at version 0.8!

Today we released version 0.8! Hooray! Most of the basic ...

by flattr

Space Livecast

Erster deutscher Livecast für Raumfahrtevents

by spacelivecast

Open beta

If you thought we were just a bunch of lazy guys hanging ...

by flattr

Maintain. Hardline. Kopimi.

Today news reached us that we didn't get the appeal the T...

by brokep

Dead Drops

Un-cloud your files in cement! 'Dead Drops’ is an anonymo...

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tante's blog

My blog on philosophy, technology, free culture and monke...

by tante

Weird Weird World

Blog about everything that hukl cares about.

by hukl

Joey Hess's blog

This is just my blog. I guess you could Flattr it if you ...

by joeyh

Opening the floodgates

On Sunday we’re making an important change to the service...

by flattr

Factor E Farm Blog

Building tools for replicable, open source, post-scarcity...

by marcin_ose

now with a slash of tech A blog by me, with my thoughts ...

by maloki


Das es Zeit wird aufzuwachen und zu handeln zeigen die Th...

by trollfunk


WebUpd8 is an Ubuntu / Linux blog which delivers daily ne...

by webupd8

Add an individual Flattr-button to your Tumblr-posts

Latest version of the tutorial can be found at Limbo Aven...

by matrixagent

Julien Danjou's blog

My blog about Free Software hacking.

by jd


Andreas Gohr's weblog and all his Open Source stuff

by splitbrain

Save Our River, Save Our Dolphins, Save Our Nature

Every tourist visiting our country, Burma (Myanmar), will...

by burmablog

About Us

Why the Pirate Times? The pirate movement has been an int...

by Pirate_Times

Ach komm, geh wech!

Ma vie est faite de morceaux qui ne se joignent pas.

by anneschuessler

A ten year real-time historical exhibit of Usenet as it a...

by joeyh