Google Plus for Businesses

Yes Google Plus for Businesses is in Beta Stage now   Do ...

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by loginof

Mac Pro Belt Buckles make a very nerdy fashion statement

There are a lot of ways to show off your geek pride. You ...

by nigelp

Star Wars Lightsaber Bottle Opener

Summer has begun. It is hotter than the desert outside an...

by nigelp

Automatically unlock your PC with a Bluetooth phone

Don\'t you hate sitting down at your computer and having ...

by nigelp

Self-Stirring Mug keeps your drinks swirling all day

When you get a cup of tea or coffee that you make yoursel...

by nigelp

Thejesh GN's Blog

I have been wanting to learn MapReduce for a long time. I...

by thej

Heads-Up on the Snooping Act.

The publicity campaign against the blatant-infringement-o...

by LeonBlank

Привет, мир!

Добро пожаловать в WordPress. Это ваша первая запись. Отр...

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Ice Speed Chess Set lets mother nature be your chess clock

Have you ever watched two people play a game of speed che...

by nigelp

Knuckle Salad

Knuckle Salad is a blog that experiments with crafts and ...

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Kellbots Guide to Wedding Planning

There\'s a point in everyone\'s life where all of a sudde...

by kellbot

ChatStatus 0.02

Version 0.02 of ChatStatus do now exist. Changes from ver...

by patrikhson

koraktor's $stdout

Random snippets about programming and more

by Koraktor

New Website: Xtext 2.0 Indigo, CSS3 + HTML5

There\'s been a major redesign of the Xtext website. Not ...

by HeikoB

Life-Size Katamari Lives

A long time ago, in a galaxy identical to this one, I wan...

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WWW: The industry, technology and fashion.

The Guardian paper in the UK has a great article about th...

by knittymag

Picture of the day: Voyeurism taken to the next level

Beware of a peeping tom lurking nearby, armed with the hi...

by ministryoftofu

Public Toilet Seat Survival Kit

Have you ever been out somewhere and absolutely needed to...

by nigelp

StumbleUpon releases new, more powerful iPad app

If you've ever visited StumbleUpon, you know just how muc...

by nigelp

Victor Café, Philadelphia, USA

So I visited Victor Café in Philadelphia. The interesting...

by patrikhson