While the core of Flattr is built by the Flattr team we utilize lots of different things from around the web to make our service come alive. Here we list some of those to give our big thanks to them and their creators.

But first: Thanks for the inspiration for this page Lanyrd!

We also support some of the projects we use through our FlattrDev account.

Client-side and design

Entypo - a great icon font which we are using on eg. some of our buttons. Make it very easy to have icons styled so that they fit with the rest of the site, without having to go crazy and create millions of image files.

Vector Social Media Icons - good looking icons for most social networks out there, great for when you need to indicate that a link goes to a Twitter profile or something.

Zocial CSS social buttons - great framework for creating "Facebook Connect"-style buttons.

The Amazing Twitter Birds - good looking birds that gives tweets a great look in our catalog giving a lot more variety when browsing through it.

The Octodex - best cats in town makes our GitHub things look a lot better in our catalog. Thanks GitHub designers - keep up the good work!

It's jQuery and a bunch of plugins that are used to give the page that modern interactive feel - of course big thanks to the jQuery team for such a reliable piece of code.


Flattr is built with PHP and MySQL.

The web server serving it is nginx.

We use memcached for caching stuff.

Gearman is powering our awesome queue system (that stuff is really amazing).

Search is done with Sphinx.


We're integrating with API:s from many social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, GitHub and Soundcloud.

We use Embedly for fetching data about things people submit to our system.

Our own API can push some updates in realtime thanks to Superfeedr.