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How does Flattr work?

Install the Flattr extension

It only takes a minute to join the Flattr community - get started by installing the Flattr extension.

Choose a subscription

Decide how much you want to contribute to creators. Your subscription is shared between all creators you flattr.

Use the internet

Flattr measures your attention (without compromising your privacy!) as you enjoy the internet, and automatically flattrs creators.

Share the love, automatically

Every 30 days Flattr uses your subscription to automatically reward the sites and creators you've flattred. Congrats, you've helped make the internet a better place!

You're in control

Although Flattr works automatically, you can still use your dashboard to see all the sites and creators you've flattred. If you see a flattr to a site or creator that you're not happy with, you can easily delete it.

Flattr was invented to make the internet a better place. It's only right that we are transparent and honest. If there's something you want to know that's not in the Frequently Asked Questions, then drop us a line!

What about privacy?

We are committed to making sure your data is safe and that your privacy is respected. While using the Flattr extension, most of your data is stored on your machine and never accessed by us or any other party. We only receive the data we need to determine who should receive your flattrs. Read our Privacy Policy for more info.

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