Contributor FAQ

Flattr is an effortless way to support great online creators and keep the internet awesome. A 30-day subscription that you divide between the creators you want to support. You can change or cancel your subscription at any time.
Flattr is one single contribution, shared between as many receivers as you want, not one payment per receiver. This allows you to give to everyone you want without stretching your wallet. It also means that the creator doesn't have to pay a huge percentage of fees for every small donation.
You can use a credit card. All amounts are in US dollars (USD).
You can request a new password. If you don't remember which email address you registered with, use the contact form for assistance.

Creator FAQ

Flattr is a way for people to support you and your creativity with money. Sign up, link your work, and ask your fans and followers to support you.
Flattr is one single contribution that your fans can share between as many receivers as they want. It allows them to support you with small donations without resulting in a huge percentage of fees (You always get 90%).
If you have your own domain, you add your Flattr metatag to your sites <head> as per our instructions.
You link your social accounts and channels from your Flattr account.
Fees paid by the creator are as follows: We take 5% of received revenues (this keeps Flattr running, funds further development and covers chargebacks and fraud). MangoPay (our payment provider) charges 5% of received revenues. These fees are withdrawn on the 1st of the month for revenue received in the previous month. Whenever money is withdrawn (currently a minimum of $10), a $3 fee is charged.
A contributor's subscription is distributed when their 30-day cycle ends. This means you will receive money at different times as contributor cycles end.
You need a valid bank account associated with your profile. You can then request a withdrawal. This works worldwide as long as your bank accepts international bank transfers.
To allow you to withdraw your revenue our payment provider MangoPay SA is legally required to fullfill KYC (Know Your Customer) obligations to fight fraud, money laundering and the funding of terrorism. Read more here.
Yes. There are two account types - creator and contributor. Creators receive money and contributors give money. Your account can be set up to do both.