Frequently asked questions


Flattr is a way to support great content creators and keep the internet awesome!

If you like to use the internet, Flattr is a way to give back to awesome creators. You choose a 30-day subscription that you are comfortable with, and at the end of the 30 days, your subscription is divided between the creators that you have enjoyed the most.
Simply add Flattr to your browser. Our algorithm measures the way you use websites (without compromising your privacy), and automatically flattrs the sites you pay most attention to. You can also manually flattr or trash flattrs you’re not happy with.
Currently, Flattr is available on Chrome and Firefox for desktop.
No. Flattrs are made when you pay enough attention to a site, or on a visit basis (return to a site a lot over time, or read multiple articles in a short or long period of time and a flattr is generated). You will also only flattr sites that are on a whitelist.The whitelist is maintained by us and contains sites we think people want based on engagement.
Simply open the extension by clicking the Flattr icon in your toolbar and switch the toggle to enable or disable Flattr for the site you're on.
The idea behind Flattr is to support creators by attention. Flattrs happen when you read, watch or listen, but only when you have done enough of it. Flattr uses an algorithm in your browser to determine your level of attention and give flattrs accordingly.
We are committed to making sure your data is safe and that your privacy is respected. All the info needed to decide what to flattr is kept on your device and never accessed by us or any other party. We only receive the data we need to send money to the sites you flattr. Read our Privacy Policy for more info.
Not yet, sorry. At the moment Flattr only supports desktop browsers.
The easiest way to browse without generating flattrs is to use Incognito mode for Chrome or Private Browsing in Firefox.
At the moment, we accept Visa and Mastercard.
During the Closed Beta you are not required to use money. However, if you want to use money you can always do so.
Your total 30-day subscription is distributed at the end of the 30-day cycle. You will be able to see exactly where your money went and how much each creator received.
Yes! Before the end of your 30-day cycle you can remove a flattr, using the trash icon on your dashboard at flattr.com.
You can flattr any website, but not all websites use Flattr. When you flattr a page we check to see if the owner uses Flattr. If they do, the flattr will be part of your monthly contribution. If they don't, we can't send money to them, so we divide your contribution between the creators that use Flattr.
When a site has multiple authors, a different meta tag can be used on each page, so the individual author can be flattred. If a flattr is generated by number of visits, the meta tag on the main page of the domain will be used.
If you don't make any flattrs in your 30-day subscription period, or there are no valid receivers for the flattrs you make, your subscription amount will be carried over to the following cycle. Therefore, your card will not be charged.
Unfortunately, we don't currently support syncing between extensions. We are working on it though!
No worries! Simply go to flattr.com/forgot to reset your password.
You can test Flattr for 20 days and if it's not for you just drop us a line at flattr.com/contact and request a refund.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Creators / publishers

Flattr is a way to allow your fans to automatically support you with money when they consume your content. You only need to sign up and link your content to enable Flattr for the things you produce. As your flattr-using fans engage with your content, they will automatically distribute money to you.
Flattr works via a smart, privacy-friendly algorithm that measures attention on websites. Flattr contributors have a monthly subscription that is divided between the creators that they have enjoyed over a 30-day period . All you have to do is have your content linked to Flattr so Flattr knows where to send the money.
Simply go to flattr.com/creators and create your account!
If you run your own domain, just add the metatag to your site.
You can easily link your social accounts when you sign up, or from your profile page.
Fees paid the creator are as follows:

We take 5% of received revenues (to keep Flattr running, develop further and handle chargebacks and fraud). Our payment provider (MangoPay) charges 5% of received revenues (please see this blog post for more information). These fees are withdrawn on the 1st of the month for revenue received in the prior month.

Whenever money is withdrawn (currently the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $10) a $3 fee is charged.
A user's subscription is distributed when their 30-day cycle ends. This means that you will receive money at different times as users' subscriptions end.
You need to have a valid bank account associated with your profile. You can then request a withdrawal. This works worldwide as long as your bank accepts international bank transfers.
We (or more precisely our payment provider MANGOPAY SA) need to fulfill our KYC (Know Your Customer) obligations which are a set of legal requirements to fight fraud, money laundering and the funding of terrorism. Read more here.
Yes, there are two basic account types - creator and contributor. Creator accounts receive money and contributors give money. If you want your account can do both.
Yes you can, but it's not recommended anymore.