Frequently asked questions


Flattr is an automatic way of distributing a monthly budget of your choice to the creators of the content you consume and want to support.
Add Flattr to your browser. It measures your attention and engagement with the sites you visit and flattrs the content you engage with the most. You can also manually flattr a page by clicking the Flattr icon on your toolbar and then the Flattr button.
We support Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, both on desktop.
No. You will only flattr pages you engage with enough and only sites that are on list of flattr sites. This list was created by us and contains websites that we think most users want to flattr based on attention and engagement.
Open the extension by clicking the Flattr icon on your toolbar and switch the toggle to either enable or disable Flattr on the site you are visiting.
Our idea is to link consumption with payment. We want pages to be flattred when you read, watch or listen, but only if you have done enough of it. We don’t want you to flattr the things you don’t think are valuable. Flattr uses an algorithm in your browser to determine when this is happening based on your engagement and attention with the content. Once enough has been collected, it flattrs the content.
No, sorry. Flattring via mobile phone is not yet supported.
The easiest way to browse without generating flattrs is to use Incognito mode for Chrome or Private Browsing in Firefox.
We support Visa and Mastercard.
During the Closed Beta you are not required to use money. However, if you want to use money you can always do so.
Your total budget is distributed to creators / publishers once per month, on the first of each month. Then can you see exactly where your budget went and how much each receiver got in your Flattr account.
Before the end of the month you can delete flattrs. Just go to flattr.com and delete it.
You can flattr any website, but not all websites use Flattr. When you flattr a page we check to see if the owner uses Flattr. If they do, the flattr will be part of your monthly contribution. If they don't, we can't send money to them, so we divide your contribution between the creators that use Flattr.

Flattrs that don't have an owner are important as we can use this to convince more people to join Flattr so more creators can share the love.
Unfortunately, we don't currently support syncing between extensions. We are working on it though!
You can test Flattr for 20 days and if it's not for you just drop us a line at flattr.com/contact and request a refund.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Creators / publishers

Flattr is a way to allow people to automatically support you with money when they consume your content. You only need to sign up and link your content to enable Flattr for the things you produce.
If you run your own domain, link your domain from your profile settings.
We take 7.5% of received revenues (to keep Flattr running, develop the system and handle chargebacks and fraud). Another 9% of received revenues goes to payment processing (once Flattr gets bigger, we will be able to negotiate lower fees). These fees are withdrawn on the 1st of the month for revenue received by creators/publishers in the prior month.

Whenever money is withdrawn (currently the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $10) there is a $3 fee.
All users’ budgets are distributed to creators / publishers once per month, on the first of the month. Funds will appear in your account at this time or sometimes a few days later.
By entering your bank account and requesting a withdrawal. This works worldwide as long as your bank accepts international euro bank transfers. Before you can do your first withdrawal you will need to verify your account.
We (or more precisely our payment provider MANGOPAY SA) need to fulfill our KYC (Know Your Customer) obligations which are a set of legal requirements to fight fraud, money laundering and the funding of terrorism. Read more here.
Yes, there two basic account types: contributor accounts and creator / publisher accounts. Contributor accounts are used for giving, while creator / publisher accounts are used for receiving. If you are an individual creator you can do both.
Yes you can, but it’s not recommended to anymore. If you are signed in, you can find the code on flattr.com/embed.
Update your profile in profile settings so it describes you, what you do and why people should support you.
Link your domains that have your content from your profile settings.
Add your social media accounts you have content on from your profile settings.
Tell your fans that you use Flattr, and let them know how they can support you with it!