How Flattr works


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Any individual, company or organization can use Flattr. You can be located anywhere in the world. Getting an account is easy and free.

All Flattr users can both give and receive money.


Choose budget

You decide how big your total monthly budget is. Regardless of how many creators you will support, the total of your donations will be this budget.

You can change the budget at any time.


Add money to your account

To be able to give, you transfer money to your Flattr account. The budget you chose will be taken from your Flattr account each month, similar to how a pre-paid telephone card works.

We accept most international and local credit and debit cards. Flattr use Euro as its base currency, but it doesn’t matter what currency you use, we take care of the exchange.


Flattr content you want to support

Whenever you read, watch and listen to content you want to support, you simply flattr it. Remember that you can flattr as many times you want during a month, as you never will exceed your chosen budget.

You can flattr on YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, etc by clicking “Favorite”, “Like” or “Star”.


We divide your budget

At the end of each month, we divide your budget into as many pieces as you made flattrs. For example 25 flattrs will divide your budget into 25 pieces. With a 10 euro budget, each piece is 40 cents.

Flattrs for people that don't yet have a Flattr account are not part of the division. These flattrs are saved for later and will be part of the division the month the creator signs up.


Creators receive your money

On the 10th date of the following month, your money is sent to the creators you flattred. They can then use it to create even better content for you to enjoy.

Creators receive 90% of the money you give.

Signing up is free

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You choose your budget