We split our revenue 50/50 with the partner providing the click.

We have a really great platform for services and apps to enabling flattring of content. But if you integrate with Flattr, you wont get a dime. Despite all the flattrs that passes through your service, the money is never for you. We think that is wrong. So you can apply to become a revenue sharing partner and receive money for every flattr you facilitate via your service.

All the services that enables flattring is as important as Flattr itself, so we think it's fair we split what we make 50/50. (Minus any taxes, transaction fees etc, that might be related.)

How to become a Revenue Sharing Partner

  1. Apply for a Partner Account on partner.flattr.com by signing in with your flattr account. Partner Revenue Sharing is open to any professional service created and run by a business. This means you will have to provide proof that you are a company and for most EU countries a valid VAT-id.
  2. Wait for us to verify your info. We just want to check the above.
  3. Create an Application or Revenue sharing key. To enable the revenue sharing you need to create the application in the partner system or if you use JS buttons add the revenue sharing key to all buttons. (If you already have an application we can move it for you, just ask.)
  4. Promote your service. The more people you get to use it, the more money you get.
  5. Request a payout. Once you got more then Euro 50 on your partner account you can request a payout in the partner system.

Time to get the developer hats on!

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