Declaration of consent

This opt in is voluntary and applies only in the instance where you want to provide us with anonymized data to improve our algorithm.

Version Period Text of declaration of consent
1.0 3. May 2017 until now

You can revoke your consent at any time with future effect by sending a message to us via

By checking the box, you hereby declare that the following data will be transferred to eyeo GmbH, Germany, and processed for the purpose of improving the Extension and the underlying algorithm:

  • URLs and domains you visit, which will be anonymized before sending
  • Author of the respective website (if applicable)
  • Some domains, which will not be be anonymized
  • Interaction with Website
    • mouse movement
    • mouse clicking
    • scrolling, including scroll positions, as well as page width/height
    • zooming, including the zoom level
    • keys pressed
  • Creating, selecting, moving or closing tabs in the User Interface, including which window and at which position the tab was created, as well as which window created it in case of popups
  • Adding or removing domains to or from your flattr enabled/disabled list
  • Browser idle state changes
  • Manually flattring URLs

We do not combine the collected data with any other information about you. The data we collect is statistical data, therefore we do not know who generated it.