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Disconnecting Skype from Facebook

So I made the mistake of connecting Skype to Facebook, and soon realized that when somebody wrote me a Facebook message, Meebo made my iPhone ping,... [ www.ithoughts.de ]

Question: How can we help with fundd?

I don't see much progress with fundd, even if I know that behind the scenes you (Ahme) have worked a lot to improve things. As far as tweeting goes... [ fundd.de ]

Windows 8 and Microsoft’s Fate

I’ve been to two Windows 8 trainings from Microsoft in the last few weeks, as we at Abelssoft build Windows software for consumers and Windows 8 wi... [ www.ithoughts.de ]

Answer on: Flattring every web page with browser plugin?

My proposed solution for this would be fairly easily doable (sorry I left the ambassador-list, but it was too much noise for me): - The plugin in t... [ fundd.de ]

Answer on: Newsletter-systems and platform integration using an API

On the 5by5 podcasts I always hear about MailChimp, who have a certain free limit where the service doesn't have any costs (until say 10000 newslet... [ fundd.de ]

Answer on: What about extending the donation and payment system on flattr?

Flattring without funds is pretty pointless as you should give to show your appreciation. But I think what you're asking for is already there. You ... [ fundd.de ]

Answer on: What next?

If you follow http://twitter.com/funddiscover you'll recognize that there is a steady activity. Aside from what people think about Question and Ans... [ fundd.de ]