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Record(s) o' the Month - September 2015 | Angry Metal Guy

Well, we had an admirable run of somewhat, kinda on-time Record(s) o' the Month posts, but then reality, arcane legal issues and international time... [ www.angrymetalguy.com ]

Kingcrow - Eidos Review | Angry Metal Guy

If there's anyone to thank for this review of Kingcrow's Eidos, it would have to be our esteemed Steward King, Steel Druhm. This little piece of pr... [ www.angrymetalguy.com ]

Angry Metal Guy Speaks: On Negativity

Every now and again—namely, most every time we post a negative review of a popular band—some reader will comment on how it seems like we're always ... [ www.angrymetalguy.com ]

Mr. Fisting Comments: Evolve or Die

"As someone who entered the world of metal during the mid-1990s, I quickly got used to bands evolving and changing established formulas. We never k... [ www.angrymetalguy.com ]

Mortals – Cursed To See The Future Review

Now this is a pleasant surprise. With all the funeral doom, pagan folk metal, and post-black I’ve been subjecting myself to lately, I think it’s sa... [ www.angrymetalguy.com ]

Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails Review

The hype train chugs along, never stopping, always changing direction, and continuously boarding and ejecting passengers. Such is the way of the me... [ www.angrymetalguy.com ]

Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestite Review

It may be somewhat reasonable to assume a skeptical stance in the face of Wolves in the Throne Room’s decision to embark into purely ambient territ... [ www.angrymetalguy.com ]

Vanishing Point – Distant is the Sun Review

It seems I don’t get to review power metal all that much these days, though it was one of the reasons I was originally recruited by AMG in the firs... [ www.angrymetalguy.com ]

Steel Druhm’s Top Ten(ish) of 2013

As I gaze out the windows of the AMG offices (located hundreds of miles beneath the Earth’s crust, so I’m not sure why we have windows), I can’t he... [ www.angrymetalguy.com ]