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Arkenor on Twitter

Just another pesky denizen of the blogosphere. Games, current affairs, and random stuff. [ twitter.com ]

A wee little Broon Cartoon.

My biggest effort at a webcomic ever! I should probably have tried to do it in something a bit better than Windows Paint. I also completely failed... [ www.arksark.org ]

Professor Butterburger and the Magic Chair

Once upon a time, there was a gentleman by the name of Professor Butterburger. Professor Butterburger liked sitting on things. Hard. [ www.arksark.org ]

Anatomy of a Horse-boy

In which our dedicated investigators get to the bottom of the Horse-boy mystery. [ www.arksark.org ]

More garden adventures

Some pictures from my garden of interesting species! [ www.arksark.org ]

Spider Babys

Araneus diadematus, the European garden spider, has been busy in my garden. I spotted this group of bouncing babies having fun on my wheeliebin and... [ www.arksark.org ]

Ark's Ark

Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming, Current Affairs, and random stuff! [ www.arksark.org ]


Will good Clegg head manage to stop the middle head from taking the evil Murdoch head’s advice? Anything could happen in the next five years! [ www.arksark.org ]

Arkwatch: The Mount Ararat Structure

A debunking of the recent alleged discovery of Noah's Ark. [ www.arksark.org ]

In which I am distracted by democracy

A little cartoon I made, involving the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown [ www.arksark.org ]