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New, unusual. Hear songs and see performances by self-professed "musician" holding small white video game consoles. All the rage. Harsh, annoying. "This is gaoing to blaow ahp," says Mr. M. McLaren of Paris, France. Exciting new movement. You better tune in now. Otherwise in ten years everyone will trading stories, and then won't you feel left out. Staring into your drink, wishing you had something to say. We've all been there. Now's your chance to change all of that.

Bit Shifter: Information Chase

Bit Shifter's second release is a six-pack of high-energy victory anthems, fully charged and ready to detonate on contact. With six hard-hitting tr... [ www.8bitpeoples.com ]

Bit Shifter

Armed only with two 20-year-old handhelds, Bit Shifter leaves high-end computer music choking on his exhaust, bringing twice the rock with 0.002% o... [ bit.shifter.net ]

Bit Shifter: Strange Comfort

Bit Shifter's "Strange Comfort," written to accompany Gaijin Games' WiiWare title Bit.Trip Flux. Seven minutes of Game Boy space disco, equal parts... [ soundcloud.com ]

Bit Shifter: Easy Prey

Heavy dancefloor rager generated by a single Z80 processor in a bad mood. Originally released on Hymen Records 2CD compilation miwak twelve. [ soundcloud.com ]