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Linux as a Powerful Photography Studio

On our Season 8 opener, Robbie, Erika, and Sasha take their digital photography to the next level with a DSLR, a Linux machine, and the incredible ... [ category5.tv ]

Extending GIMP's Filter Set

Increasing the professional-quality filters available in the free GNU Image Manipulation Program is easy, especially on Linux. Learn how to install... [ category5.tv ]

Internet For Beginners: Finding What You Need with Google

Robbie and Sasha demonstrate how to use Google as a powerful but easy-to-use tool in order to find local businesses, addresses, images and informat... [ www.category5.tv ]

The situation in Thailand and how it affects us - an analyst's perspective

From Mark Gomes, http://seekingalpha.com/article/301873-thailand-flooding-will-ravage-tech-earnings-into-2012?source=yahoo Get ready for a deluge o... [ newsroom.category5.tv ]

Buy now, the flooding in Thailand is going to affect hard drive pricing in a matter of days.

Thailand's worst flood in decades has dampened the economic outlook for the country, and has automobile and tech companies around the world fearing... [ newsroom.category5.tv ]

New tech uses synthetic vision to detect if citrus fruit is good or bad, protecting workers' eyes.

There has been too much talk in the news lately about Apples, so it's time we talk about oranges. A machine that uses artificial vision and UV rays... [ newsroom.category5.tv ]

Now there's a programmable thermostat that programs itself and learns from your preferences.

In a world where 90% of programmable thermostats never actually get programmed by the user, isn't it time the thermostat did the work for us? Tony ... [ newsroom.category5.tv ]

Ubuntu 12.04 will have an extended Long-Term Support cycle.

In a statement issued Friday on the company's blog, Canonical revealed that Ubuntu 12.04 will be supported for five years on the desktop instead of... [ newsroom.category5.tv ]

One of the most powerful satellites ever built has been launched - providing 140 Gbps broadband.

One of the most powerful satellites ever built has been put in orbit by a Russian Proton rocket. The Viasat-1 spacecraft will deliver broadband ser... [ newsroom.category5.tv ]