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ChristianRiesen/base32 on GitHub

Base32 Encoder/Decoder for PHP according to RFC 4648 [ github.com ]

ChristianRiesen/otp on GitHub

Want 2 factor authentication in your PHP applications? Use One Time Passwords! Both hotp and totp implementations available. Also allows you to cre... [ github.com ]

RE: Want more Flattrs? Make sure your Thing has an informative Description!

It largely depends on the system they use. I use Flattr for my little fantasy novel Toreas. In the description of each chapter I just post "Chapter... [ forum.flattr.net ]

RE: Why do people flattr minecraft developement?

The point being, aiding the one thing you value more? If I'd play minecraft, I would flattr it too, given the chance, just because I like it. But I... [ forum.flattr.net ]

RE: Why do people flattr minecraft developement?

Making the person "richer" means that person can also spend more money on developments, either to improve the current game, or come up with the nex... [ forum.flattr.net ]

RE: Can only submitted posts be flattred?

First, welcome to flattr (where is the link to your blog?)If they are not yet submitted, it will be automatically submitted by the first click on t... [ forum.flattr.net ]

Anybody interested in a ZendFramework class?

I'm coding one up, still got trouble with clicks and registering new things, the rest works perfectly so far. I'd be more than willing to share it ... [ forum.flattr.net ]

RE: flattr and wordpress

Hi and welcome to flattrYou don't need to change anything in the code. Once you have installed the plugin, you can find under the options a link fo... [ forum.flattr.net ]

ReFlattr - Flattr again and again

You want to Flattr something over and over again, in an easy and secure way? Reflattr allows you to do just that, without giving away your password. [ reflattr.com ]