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My mystery illness – by Dan Bull

  Hello, my name is Dan Bull and I'm a professional musician. I am in rather a desperate situation and was wondering if you could help, or kno... [ itsdanbull.com ]


I'm proud of this one. It hurt my face.  Get the MP3: http://bit.ly/13TrfAy [ itsdanbull.com ]

Open letters

I write letters to people and sing them. Click around below to look and listen: People I've written letters to - Lily Allen, Peter Mandelson, Alan ... [ itsdanbull.com ]


Introducing my new alter-ego, Dan Buffalo, AKA Buffalo Bull, AKA Dictionary Dan, AKA The Man With No Game, AKA The Fastest Punslinger in the West (... [ itsdanbull.com ]

Dead Space 3

I recorded this with a throat infection. In keeping with the sci-fi horror of the game I am renaming my throat infection as a THROAT INFESTATION. M... [ itsdanbull.com ]

Tomb Raider rap

Yesterday I went to the woods with a girl, a Lara Croft costume and a camera. Here is the resulting footage. [ itsdanbull.com ]

We are all Aaron Swartz

Geeky rap artist promoting logic, skepticism and political change through merciless teasing. [ itsdanbull.com ]