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Sanningen som jag ser den « Kristian Gonzalez (#28934)

Tack%21+Ja+exakt+s%C3%A5.+Det+%C3%A4r+s%C3%A5+id%C3%A9er+f%C3%B6ds.+Rekreation%21T%C3%A4nk+vad+mycket+en+%C3%B6ppen+v%C3%A4rld+kan+f%C3%B6ra+med+si... [ vidde.org ]

Sanningen som jag ser den « Kristian Gonzalez (#28932)

Grymt+kul+att+du+gillade+bilden.+Att+andra+inspireras+%C3%A4r+det+b%C3%A4sta+betyget+man+kan+f%C3%A5.+Lycka+till+med+skrivandet%21Kristian+Gonzalez... [ vidde.org ]

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Fotograferande pappaledig pappa med minimal ledighet för fotograferandet. [ twitter.com ]

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Hi Flattr-ers!As this is just the beginning of Flattr and I strongly believe in the service to grow strong in its different forms I still miss the ... [ forum.flattr.net ]

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Project presentation of my work which includes photography, illustrations & graphic design. [ www.diacap.se ]