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Software and tools for digital DJs.

Scratchy - Ableton Live Instrument Rack

Scratchy for Ableton is an Instrument Rack based on the standalone Scratchy instrument and is used to create scratch-like rhythmic sounds. It’s ... [ digitaldjtools.net ]

"Stompy" - VST Instrument / Effect Host

Free VST Instrument and Effect host for Mac which allows you to route Traktor's decks to any VST effect or to route a VST instrument into Traktor. [ digitaldjtools.net ]

"Scratchy" - Noise & Rhythm Generator

Scratchy is a standalone virtual instrument for Mac and PC that produces noise. This noise can be manipulated by a tempo-synced gating effect (at v... [ digitaldjtools.net ]

"Choppy" iPad / Traktor Controller

Dedicated FX controller for Traktor 2. A TSI mapping for Konkreet Performer which allows control over 2 Grouped FX Banks (6 FX in total). Also fea... [ digitaldjtools.net ]

"Jog On' Traktor / TouchOSC Template for iPad

Template / Layout for TouchOSC and Traktor 2, featuring 3 beatmashing modes (hotcue, beatmash and beatslice) with jogwheels and full support for Lo... [ digitaldjtools.net ]

Traktor 2 / TouchOSC MIDI Mapping Tutorial

How to create your own TouchOSC templates / layouts for Traktor TouchOSC is a truly amazing app and the whole reason I decided to buy an iPad in th... [ digitaldjtools.net ]

TouchOSC / Traktor 2 Virtual Instrument Template for iPad - Thrashy

"Thrashy" - Traktor Pro 2 / TouchOSC Virtual Instrument Layout for iPad A template for TouchOSC on iPad, allowing control of a guitar 'virtual inst... [ digitaldjtools.net ]

Traktor / TouchOSC iPhone Template Dicey - Windows Release & New Features

Our recent iPhone TouchOSC / Traktor template, "Dicey", based on the Novation DIcer MIDI Controller, has just been updated with some new features. ... [ digitaldjtools.net ]

Distorted Guitar Chords - Ascending Scale Samples

These are samples of a standard electric guitar, using Native Instruments' Guitar Rig to apply a distortion effect, the native EQ plugin for Ableto... [ digitaldjtools.net ]