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Quote of the Day: Toy Story or Rise of The Machines?

IBM’s Cognitive Computing Engine is, after all, the construct of a 100 year-old non-unionised American corporation. Its world view is bound to diff... [ www.expatpaul.eu ]

Tout est pardonné

The cover of the next issue of Charlie Hebdo has been released (via). The caption reads "All is Forgiven." And while I'm on the subject, I have se... [ www.expatpaul.eu ]

Pyrrhic Convenience

This is a term that emerged in the comments under Inscius' Ceramic Aware blog post. The conversation turned to the subject of the fridge spam (whic... [ www.expatpaul.eu ]

Schrödinger's Project or: How to succeed while failing at project management

A lot has been written about project management over the years, and much of this writing gives project management the appearance of some sort of da... [ www.expatpaul.eu ]

In a supervisory capacity...

I while ago, The Register carried a story about a job ad that someone had spotted in Spain. It seems that Husqvarna are looking for a Madrid-based ... [ www.expatpaul.eu ]

An ode to the father of the electric age

The Oatmeal has an utterly superb cartoon devoted to Nikola Tesla: The greatest geek who ever lived. Normally at this point I would clip a bit of t... [ www.expatpaul.eu ]

Flattr just got better

I mentioned social micropayments site, Flattr at the start of this month and - as I have continued to use the site - I am finding that it is becomi... [ www.expatpaul.eu ]

I’m Flattred

Flattr is an interesing idea and one that I have already experimented with - briefly - on Pulpmovies. Since this site is running on a suitably curr... [ www.expatpaul.eu ]