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Open for Business

Lots of news to share today! First of all: As you’ve probably noticed from the new banner; the online shirt store is finally open! Now you can buy ... [ www.loadingartist.com ]

Not That Funny

Aiming to release comics on a Thursday (instead of a Monday) from now on (which means this comic is a day late (hooray)). Also, I’m planning on mak... [ www.loadingartist.com ]

From Blue

Valentines is tomorrow! You know what that means!!! It means you should check out the new Facebook covers and wallpapers I’ve added today! Also, I ... [ www.loadingartist.com ]


I hope everyone’s having a 2014! [ www.loadingartist.com ]

Happy New Ye

Happy New Year everyone! I gave you all imaginary midnight smooches, I hope you enjoyed them. Starting off 2014 with a comic that ends my PNG strea... [ www.loadingartist.com ]

My Best Friend

Fourth comic in a row without delays! This is the longest comic streak I’ve had in all of 2013. Lol. Goodnight! [ www.loadingartist.com ]

Photo Opportunity

Goooooodnight. Eventually I’ll get round to writing more interesting posts along with these comics, maybe even actual blog posts. Maybe. [ www.loadingartist.com ]

Every Day Is The Same

Another week, another comic, another week. 2013 is almost over, aaaaaaah. [ www.loadingartist.com ]

Burning Question

There comes a point when a man just has to say screw it and upload a comic without a proper description. This is one of those times. Goodnight!!!! ... [ www.loadingartist.com ]

Be Confident

TweetIt has been way, way too long since the last comic. I’m actually surprised you’re still reading this, but thank you very much for being here. ... [ www.loadingartist.com ]