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I am a young games programmer from the heart of southwest Sweden.

In Another Chateau

Jacques, the bike salesman, has had his wonderful french biplane stolen. Take him across Paris and the french countryside, as he tries to get it ba... [ www.newgrounds.com ]

1924: A Silent Game

1924 is a tale of old, a tale of tea and most importantly, a tale of sound effects. [ www.newgrounds.com ]

Chase Goose

Chase Goose is a game about a Goose, that is being chased by... a thing. Run, as fast as you can, and jump... if you can. [ www.newgrounds.com ]

Let's Jump

Let's Jump is a shoot-em-up, where you jump from a plane or some other form of aircraft, hoping to land safely on the ground, passing by all the ev... [ www.newgrounds.com ]