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Der Berliner JUST gehört zu den bedeutendsten Fotografen der Grafitti- und Street-Art-Bewegung in Berlin.


Just - Photos from Aleppo (Syria)

Hey, i have just been to hard-fought Aleppo (Syria) to gain some insights in the Conflict and to take Photos. It has been my first Travel into a Co... [ fotos.1just.de ]

Urban Art Berlin

1st Berlin based Streetart Blog. [ just.blogsport.eu ]

News from ROA in Berlin

ROA (from Belgium) has been back in Berlin recently and painted two big Walls in the Range of the STROKE (Art Fair). http://just.ekosystem.org/B... [ just.ekosystem.org ]

Papergil Berlin Action & Workshpo Photos

Papergil Berlin Action & Workshpo Photos [ just.ekosystem.org ]

Stencil Artist EVOL StudioVisit

Evol Stencil Artist based in Berlin. [ just.ekosystem.org ]

Facade-Paintings in Berlin Kreuzberg / Pt. 1

..several Artists painting a facade in Berlin Kreuzberg. [ just.ekosystem.org ]

Streetart Blog Berlin

A Urban-Art Blog with Urban-Art related Stuff mainly from Berlin. Events. Yea. [ just.blogsport.de ]


SUMMER PLAYLIST URBAN ART [ just.blogsport.de ]

Out of Something - Breaking the Wall #2

Photos taken at the "Out of Something"-Event in Wroclaw in Poland. Participating Artists: ESCIF, ZOSEN, SICKBOY, MUDWIG, VOVA, DEM, ERICA IL CANE &... [ just.ekosystem.org ]

Urban-Art Photography

Urban Art Photography from Berlin. /// E.: I JUST UPDATED MY PORTFOLIO YEA: http://portfolio.justtakingpictures.net (thx). [ just.ekosystem.org ]