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Firefox extensions, userscripts, and userstyles author.
Social media, technology, JavaScript, Mozilla, Liverpool FC, LEGO, Star Wars, anime, manga enthusiast.
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Add Flattr button on GitHub.com

Add Flattr button on GitHub.com with this user script. Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox (requires Greasemonkey/Scriptish), Opera, Safari (requires Ni... [ userscripts.org ]

LouCypher's userstyles

Userstyles for Firefox and Chrome [ userstyles.org ]

LouCypher's userscripts

Userscripts for Firefox (with Greasemonkey/Scriptish), Safari (with NinjaKit), Chrome and Opera. [ userscripts.org ]

Paste to Tab and Go add-on for Firefox

Paste URL or text to any tabs or a new tab and load the URL or search the web for the text immediately, like Paste & Go feature, but unlike Paste &... [ code.google.com ]