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Ludovic Rousseau blog

I am a flattr member since August 2010, just 4 years ago. See my previous blog post about flattr " How to help my projects?". I added 20€ on my fla... [ ludovicrousseau.blogspot.se ]

Ludovic Rousseau blog

As I did with the previous major versions of Mac OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion (and Lion) I will list changes in Yosemite BETA regarding the smart ... [ ludovicrousseau.blogspot.dk ]

Ludovic Rousseau blog

RRRR -Upper Word- is RFU = 0000h PPPP -Lower Word- Encodes the supported protocol types. A '1' in a given bit position indicates support for the as... [ ludovicrousseau.blogspot.hk ]

Ludovic Rousseau blog: PCSC sample in Python

Here is the PCSC sample in Python language I promised in PC/SC sample in different languages. Installation The wrapper project is hosted by sourcef... [ ludovicrousseau.blogspot.de ]

Ludovic Rousseau blog: Mac OS X Mountain Lion and smart card status

The new version of Mac OS X 10.8 called Mountain Lion is now available since July 25th 2012. As I did with the previous major version of OS X Lion ... [ ludovicrousseau.blogspot.cz ]

Ludovic Rousseau blog: SIM card phone book listing

During the Debian minconf Paris 2010 I was asked for a program to use a SIM card. I do not know any program to correctly manage a SIM card in free ... [ ludovicrousseau.blogspot.it ]

Ludovic Rousseau blog

OpenCT implements a reader driver interface for various non-standard readers on Linux, meant to be used with OpenSC. [ ludovicrousseau.blogspot.de ]