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I am a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, writer and teacher.

I love creativity, conversation and collaboration just the same as music, nature and open-minded people.

I write and produce modern classical music like soundtracks/ filmmusic and songs and some more ...
I hope you enjoy the little pieces deep down from my soul :)

Mach deinen Kopf frei

Some relaxing music to clear your mind... :) You like what you hear and want to buy some of my music? Visit my profile on Bandcamp: www.macrima.b... [ soundcloud.com ]


Appletree blossoms right in front of my open window... what a wonderful vision in white and pink... You like what you hear and want to buy some of... [ soundcloud.com ]

PIANO DAY 2015: MACRIMA - Blick über den Gedankensee

Made for Nils Frahm's first PIANO DAY on 29th March 2015. Enjoy my relaxing and soothing piano track with string additions. You like what you hea... [ soundcloud.com ]

MACRIMA - In der Stille

This is a song I wrote two years ago after a phone call, sitting on a lake in the black forest, knowing that a beloved one of my family will pass a... [ soundcloud.com ]

MACRIMAs Bouquet No. 1 - Lilie & Löwenzahn (TPC Bouquet OF Flowers Challenge)

MACRIMAs Bouquet No 1: Löwenzahn und Lilie Following Flowers I used for this mix: Ashot Danielyan: Dandelion https://soundcloud.com/ashot-d... [ soundcloud.com ]

MACRIMA - Gemütlicher Regentag

The first rainy day for a long time.... the earth breathes again... and all the flowers, trees and bushes show their wonderful green to all rambler... [ soundcloud.com ]

MACRIMA - Sonne, scheine in mein Herz

Some days you need a little sunshine in your heart...here it comes... so close your eyes and listen to the music... You like it, then check ou... [ soundcloud.com ]

MACRIMA - Zausewolken im Himmelsblau

Cirrus clouds are one of my favourites...:) They make me dream... You like it, then check out my profile on Bandcamp: macrima.bandcamp.com =>... [ soundcloud.com ]

MACRIMA - Honigfarbener Frühlingsmond

The nights in spring are so magical... the beautiful honey moon in the dark blue sky... thousands of flowery scents in the air... You like it, t... [ soundcloud.com ]

MACRIMA - Osternacht

I composed this orchestral piece OSTERNACHT especially for the video "Easter night - Resurrection" from Alf Pilz. Alf has the gift to capture beau... [ soundcloud.com ]