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Norwegian. Freelance 3D person. Future film studio founder. Saved world from the 2011 Rapture. All around weird guy. (1991-2841) http://wererolling.blogspot.co.uk

We're Rolling

Even though I fell in love with "How to Train Your Dragon", or perhaps because I fell in love with it, I wasn't very pleased when I first heard wor... [ wererolling.blogspot.no ]

Dagen Ittepå/The Day After

Svein awakes one day next to his best friend Soddy; they are both in bed with very little cloths... The film follows Svein on his journey to find o... [ www.youtube.com ]

So you think you're big?

Do you even know just how small you are? Take a gander at this video, and maybe you'll be a step closer to understand. 3D animation showcasing t... [ www.youtube.com ]

One Sentence Reviews - The Running Man

You want to know if a movie's bad or good? Don't have the time to sit through a long review to find out? I'll give you an outline in a sentence! T... [ www.youtube.com ]