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Katapult release + annoying ISPs

Last night, I released katapult, which is mainly a bugfix release, but well, It's a release! We now have katapult working with amarok >=1.4... [ www.sourceguru.net ]

Why Google Apps might not be right for your Enterprise

A few months ago, my company made the decision to switch from our previous mail provider, to use Google Apps. It was a no-brainer really, most of t... [ www.sourceguru.net ]

The Ubuntu Community - my POV

Recently Scott James Remnant blogged about his leaving of the Debian Project. Reading this, I was sad to read how he felt that Debian's conduct to ... [ www.sourceguru.net ]

One step closer to becoming a Debian Developer

As you may or may not know, I'm in the New Maintainer Process for Debian, well, not long back, (a few days) I finished off the Tasks and Skills #2,... [ www.sourceguru.net ]

New VPS & Shameless Plug

Due to the fact that my previous VPS was well out of date (Ubuntu Intrepid!!!) - I\'m currently in the process of moving everything to a new server... [ www.sourceguru.net ]

How bad tech support makes me feel

A cartoon to describe how I felt after finding out tech support hadn't transferred our ticket to the server guys 5 hours after reporting the issue ... [ www.sourceguru.net ]

Mini Rant: Emails

Please, those of you who send me emails, remember the following:- An email has a subject line - use it If you put a proper description in your s... [ www.sourceguru.net ]