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'SMP Health Update is out'

'I’m expecting bugs on this one, so I’m monitoring the usual channels (irc, twitter, email) extra carefully. Basically everything I talked about in... [ notch.tumblr.com ]

'Sickness, Sprint and Speakers'

'I spent most of the weekend in our awesomely comfortable sofa, eating painkillers and helping the NCR take control of the Dam. My best guess is th... [ notch.tumblr.com ]

'PC Gamer Minecraft diary. Rules: You die, you delete the world.'

'I’m definitely going to add hardcore mode to the game where dying will destroy the world. I’m not sure how it would work in multiplayer, though.. ... [ notch.tumblr.com ]

'Introducing: Jens!'

'We finally got settled in the office today! Five desks have been assembled, and two PCs and one MacBook are all plugged in and good to go. Right n... [ notch.tumblr.com ]

'Status of SMP Health'

'The few hours I’ve been able to work today, I tried getting SMP Health as complete as possible. It will be released early next week. Here’s the st... [ notch.tumblr.com ]

'Wait, it’s Wednesday!?'

'Holy moly, time passes quick! Me and Jakob (@JahKob on twitter) started working together from the same location on Monday. It started with us two ... [ notch.tumblr.com ]


'I was referring to client mods that alter or inject code. Texture mods and server mods are fine.' [ notch.tumblr.com ]

'Minecraft Alpha v1.2.2, Minecraft Server 0.2.4'

'A whole pile of bug fixes in this one. There’s still a lot more to do, coming over the next couple of weeks or so. General fixes: * players and mo... [ notch.tumblr.com ]

'An update is coming tomorrow'

'First of all, most “mods” that add new features to the game are in a very gray area legally, and I frown upon them. Most of them add really cool n... [ notch.tumblr.com ]

'Minecraft Alpha 1.2.1, Minecraft Server 0.2.3'

'The server update is not mandatory, but you might want to update just to make sure. This is a bugfixes only update: * Signs on the sides of cacti ... [ notch.tumblr.com ]