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How To Cannabinize Yourself To Prevent Marijuana Deficiency

A few days of cannabinizing to rebalance your levels every once in awhile can keep you from being marijuana deficient. [ beyondchronic.com ]

Pot Smokers Are The Most Officially Oppressed Minority In America

Would the American public put up with this treatment if it was happening to gay and lesbian people? To Jews? To Muslims? But we outnumber them all ... [ beyondchronic.com ]

How Anti-Marijuana Arguments Warp Reality

The anti-marijuana zealots in this country have resorted to lies and tactics that should make the average American wonder just what these people ar... [ beyondchronic.com ]

Mom! Here's How To Get Your Teenagers To Eat Their Vegetables!

I was so inspired that I took most of a container of ghee I had been saving for a special occasion and ran it all day with a lot of those decarboxy... [ beyondchronic.com ]

How To Make Pot Painkiller Pills That Don't Get You High

Pot Painkiller Pills are safe, effective, inexpensive, consistent and predictable, and are in a form that most people associate with "real medicine". [ beyondchronic.com ]

Eight States Have Banned Tylenol In Anti-Marijuana Hysteria

It’s called the Law Of Unintended Consequences, also known as “what happens when a bunch of ignorant legislators try to interfere with people’s liv... [ beyondchronic.com ]

Safe, Legal Access To Marijuana Is A Basic Human Right

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This one sentence is probably the best-known statement of basic human rights. [ beyondchronic.com ]

I Died (Twice), But I’m Feeling Much Better Now

My heart surgeon told my family that the heart attack I had was so massive that I wouldn’t have even made it to the first emergency room, except th... [ beyondchronic.com ]

Feds Knew About Medical Marijuana In 1937

Dr. Walton wrote in detail about how cannabis, generally in the form of extracts (or what we call tinctures today), was useful and safe in treating... [ beyondchronic.com ]

There's No Such Thing As Marijuana

A combination of the fact that the word "marijuana" was popularized by the very people who banned it, and the extreme differences in every batch of... [ beyondchronic.com ]