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PPIS is Largest Party on Iceland for 6th Month

If there were elections in Iceland today 34.6% of the population would vote for the Pirate Party. This is the result from the  latest Gallup poll, ... [ piratetimes.net ]

Internet as a Commons: Public Space in the Digital Age

Today, 1 October 2015, the European Green Group, The Commons Network and the Heinrich Böll Foundation will arrange a conference about re-decentrali... [ piratetimes.net ]

The T-Shirt Every Pirate Should Have

The Pirate movement has not been a beacon for fashionistas even though some of us have been seen sporting the most fetching Pirate costumes. Howev... [ piratetimes.net ]

Results of Catalonian Election

On September 27th there were elections in Catalonia. Pirates de Catalunya were only able to participate in the province of Girona and had no presen... [ piratetimes.net ]

PPI Calls for Pirates with Vision

Pirate Parties International is looking for Pirates who want to make a difference on the global stage. They are looking for people with knowledge, ... [ piratetimes.net ]

Pirate Party Australia Achieves 0.89% in Canning

The Canning federal by-election was held on Saturday. Michelle Allen was a candidate for the Pirate Party of Australia in the elections. Receiving ... [ piratetimes.net ]

Austrian Pirates Advertise on Youporn

On Sunday 27 September 2015 the Austrian pirates (PPAT) have a local election in the region of Upper Austria. One of their focuses for their electi... [ piratetimes.net ]

PPNO Achieves 4.1% in School Elections | PirateTimes

The school elections, before the real upcoming local and regional elections in Norway, have taken place. Pirate Party of Norway received a total of... [ piratetimes.net ]