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Pirate Parties International First Online General Assembly

The first Online GA for Pirate Parties International was held on Sunday 29 March 2015. It was held in a specially designed conference room in the M... [ piratetimes.net ]

Swiss Pirate Party Elects Co-Presidents, Passes Resolutions Regarding Upcoming Votes

On Saturday, 21st of March, 2015, Pirate Party Switzerland elected two co-presidents for the first time! The General Assembly elected Guillaume Sa... [ piratetimes.net ]

Rolando Benjamin Vaz Ferreira: 1st January 2016, The Pirate Re-Birthday [Pirate Visions]

During the last EU elections the Pirate Party of Slovenia chose to have only one candidate in order to focus all attention on him. Today this candi... [ piratetimes.net ]

Limiting Liberty: How Governments Capitalize on Tragedy

Around the world, tragedy has been capitalized upon in order to curtail civil liberties. From the attacks on 9/11, the London Metro bombings, to sh... [ piratetimes.net ]

Flattr Appreciation During Jan/Feb 2015 (6.65E/2.44E)

We have noticed a steady trend of declining support through flattr, especially compared to a year ago when there was a significant drop of support.... [ piratetimes.net ]