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Romania Became More democratic. Pirates Allowed to Enter Elections

On Thursday, the Pirate Party of Romania (PPRO) won a court case against their government. The court decision removes the requirement of collecting... [ piratetimes.net ]

Correction: PPI has a Bank Account

In a recently published article about Pirate Parties International  I reported that PPI does not have access to a bank account. This was in error. ... [ piratetimes.net ]

Jerry Weyer: From Activists to Politicians [Pirate Visions]

Jerry Weyer points out that Pirates need to embrace their inner politician as they move from activism into politics. These articles are part of the... [ piratetimes.net ]

Winning Discussions: No True Scotsman (Effective Pirating)

Logical fallacies are techniques that people use to make an argument appear convincing even when it is wrong. Learning how to identify and refute l... [ piratetimes.net ]

Why PP-GR is not running for the elections

Snap elections that are taking place in Greece on Sunday, 25 January 2015, find the Pirate Party out of the election battle. The initiative of the ... [ piratetimes.net ]

An Interview from Brazil featuring Lexi Alexander

A while ago Hollywood director Lexi Alexander (@lexiAlex) shared with us her ideas about file sharing and was both stunned at the viciousness of th... [ piratetimes.net ]

Let a Thousand Pirate Bays Blossom

The Pirate Bay is back online but not back to normal. The new TPB seems to be a slimmed down version where many of the old moderators and admins, w... [ piratetimes.net ]

This is our Last Chance to Reform PPI

This guest post is an opinion article and reflects the author's ideas. ---- The upcoming online General Assembly (due for March 14) is in all likel... [ piratetimes.net ]