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German Journalists Charged With Treason For Post-Snowden Documents

The last time journalists were charged for treason in Germany was the Spiegel affair in 1962. Yesterday the German news site netzpolitik.org (well ... [ piratetimes.net ]

The First PPEU Council Meeting: Moving Right Along

This past weekend the PPEU meeting took place in Brussels. This was the first ordinary Council Meeting (General Assembly) of the organization and t... [ piratetimes.net ]

Illegal and Insecure eVoting Carried Out in Argentina

On Sunday, 5 July 2015, was the first time an e-voting system was used in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The legality of this system is highly contested ... [ piratetimes.net ]

A Wind of Change at the PPI GA in Warsaw

The General Assembly for PPI took place 4-5 July 2015  in Warsaw, Poland. The organization of the GA already had some problems  before it started. ... [ piratetimes.net ]


(Stream has about 8mins delay *unconfirmed*) Candidatures (Board, Coart of Arbitration, Lay Auditors) Statutes Amendments Motions List of Delegates... [ piratetimes.net ]

EU Parliament Votes Against 2.3 Million European Citizens

The highly controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) was voted upon in the EU parliament this Wednesday, July 8th. A majo... [ piratetimes.net ]

US Supreme Court Strikes Down Same-Sex Marriage Bans Nationwide

In the mid-morning hours on Friday 24 June 2015, the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) declared unequivocally in its 5–4 ruling over Obergfell v... [ piratetimes.net ]

PPI General Assembly Live Stream

The conference in Warsaw over the weekend can be followed remotely by using the following link. livestreaming | PirateTimes All times are given in ... [ piratetimes.net ]