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PPGR Would Like a Pirate MEP on September 20 | PirateTimes

Elections have been announced for Greece in about three weeks. This leaves a very short time for preparation and a big monetary strain on small par... [ piratetimes.net ]

Pirate Activist Receives a Flogging in Trafalgar Square

For the first time since 1830, a man has been flogged in Trafalgar Square. Ray Johansen from Pirate Party Norway received 50 lashes in the center o... [ piratetimes.net ]

Surveillance Hangs Heavy Over Vienna

This article is a guest post from Rodney Yancey, who translated an article originally from Telepolis. Privacy groups in Austria are gearing up. Aus... [ piratetimes.net ]

Flattr and Bitcoin Appreciation During May, June and July 2015 (50.89E)

Our transparency and activity has been low over the summer. Thus this article will show our donations for the past three months. Our support comes ... [ piratetimes.net ]

Pirate Times turns 3!

Three years ago, on 13 August 2012, we published our first article. Looking back over this time we have achieved a lot, but we still have a long wa... [ piratetimes.net ]

The New PPI Board is Starting to Get Active

The PPI board just held their third meeting and have started their work (first two meeting were mostly about handing over responsibilities and get... [ piratetimes.net ]

German Journalists Charged With Treason For Post-Snowden Documents

The last time journalists were charged for treason in Germany was the Spiegel affair in 1962. Yesterday the German news site netzpolitik.org (well ... [ piratetimes.net ]

The First PPEU Council Meeting: Moving Right Along

This past weekend the PPEU meeting took place in Brussels. This was the first ordinary Council Meeting (General Assembly) of the organization and t... [ piratetimes.net ]

Illegal and Insecure eVoting Carried Out in Argentina

On Sunday, 5 July 2015, was the first time an e-voting system was used in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The legality of this system is highly contested ... [ piratetimes.net ]

A Wind of Change at the PPI GA in Warsaw

The General Assembly for PPI took place 4-5 July 2015  in Warsaw, Poland. The organization of the GA already had some problems  before it started. ... [ piratetimes.net ]