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Schnouki/spop on GitHub

A Spotify client running as a daemon, similar to mpd. [ github.com ]

Commit on schnouki/pelican-elegant

Add Flattr button This is enabled if the FLATTR_USER configuration variable is set. By default, all posts are in the "text" category. This can be... [ github.com ]

Schnouki/pympress on GitHub

A simple dual-screen PDF reader designed for presentations [ github.com ]

HOWTO Backup your GnuPG secret key on paper

Paper is a safe way to backup a secret key: you can't hack into it remotely, you can hide it very easily, and you will still be able to use it in 5... [ schnouki.net ]

hubiC remote for git-annex

I still love git-annex. And one of the things I like is that it can use many storage backends and track the location of any data on all of these ba... [ schnouki.net ]

Schnouki/git-annex-remote-hubic on GitHub

A git-annex special remote for hubiC [ github.com ]

OpenPGP smartcard setup on Arch Linux

After I joined the FSFE Fellowship a few months ago, I received a nice OpenPGP smartcard. Now I'm using it for real, and I like it! I've decided to... [ schnouki.net ]

iPhone tracking

There has recently been a lot of noise about a tool made by Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden: every iPhone is tracking its owner's movements all the ... [ schnouki.net ]

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Check out my profile at imFlattrd.com! [ imflattrd.com ]


My blog. Free software, free culture, some computer science, software I write, random stuff I like on the Internet, opinions. [ schnouki.net ]