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Art, music, code, writing (especially for the web)/Art, musique, code, écriture (en particulier pour le web).


A non-commercial website operated by a single person so called "organisation". Just like a "company" (which meant several people) can nowadays be a... [ clewn.org ]

Slcnc Mini Player (cross browser, HTML5/HTML4 compatible audio player for websites, written in PHP)

A basic audio player for websites. Will use HTML5 audio if available. Otherwise, will use HTML4 direct inline browser streaming if possible (... [ sourceforge.net ]

[Music video] Nicolas Chartoire - Buy

Hi ! Here's a Creative Commons BY music video, from my solo project Nicolas Chartoire. I ain't got time to submit just any of my music video... [ www.youtube.com ]

Slcnc CMS - a little CMS for music bands or labels

This is a pretty much basic and straightforward content management system to create a website for a music band or a music label. The user interface... [ sourceforge.net ]

[Music Video] Me In The Bath - Can Be Found

A Creative Commons licensed music video from Me In The Bath. The album is available for free download. [ www.youtube.com ]

Wumzle Radio

Defunct. Lack of money for this particular project. Post-defunction Flattr support still accepted in case you appreciated it during the 2 years and... [ wumzleradio.zxq.net ]


A very simple, portable and lightweight DJing software written in HTML/Javascript [ sourceforge.net ]

[Music Video] Me In The Bath - Knew

Music is open licensed and available for free download - see http://slcnc.blogspot.com [ www.youtube.com ]

Slcnc Music Videos playlist

Just any music video from the Slcnc Music netlabel. Each song is open-licensed and available for free download (including flac) from the label's bl... [ www.youtube.com ]

[Music Video] Me In The Bath - Up Here

A quick music video by Me In The Bath for the song 'Up Here' on the album 'The Sunday Release'. Posted by the band. Music is open-licensed and free... [ www.youtube.com ]