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Zaggometry Naza2FrSky Taranis Telemetry Adapter

You fly a multi copter with a DJI Naza flight controller and you’d love to receive telemetry data on your Taranis without the tinkering? Then the Z... [ pleasantsoftware.com ]

QThree – DIY Word Clock

This is a documentation of the changes I did in my version of a “DIY Wordclock” as seen at Christian Aschoff’s German build blog (or see this blog ... [ pleasantsoftware.com ]

Pleasant Mill

The Pleasant Mill is a small CNC mill, loosely based on the Mantis Mill design by David Carr. Basic information on the Mill is available here: Poor... [ pleasantsoftware.com ]


The SphereBot can plot images on spherical objects like table tennis balls, golf balls, eggs etc. It is inspired by the original EggBot by EvilMadS... [ pleasantsoftware.com ]

Printed Tricopter

On request, here's the current design of my printed Tricopter. I'm still working out some problems with the current design. It might have to do mo... [ www.thingiverse.com ]

Pleasant3D is now open source

I hadn't too much time for developing Pleasant3D lately. Sorry for that! However, I did some work on Pleasant3D in the last year: Better (more perf... [ pleasantsoftware.com ]

Printable Extruder Holder (MakerBot)

This are printable extruder holders for the MakerBot. They are a replacement for the standard Dinos. These holders are a little bit lower than the ... [ www.thingiverse.com ]


This is part 3 of "Pimp my MakerBot" (see http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:973 and http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:958 for part 1 & 2 :) I was tir... [ www.thingiverse.com ]

Treasure Chest

Ok, this is a tough one. This treasure chest is printed in one piece! You definitely should be good friends with your MakerBot when printing this. ... [ www.thingiverse.com ]

LCD on a MakerBot

I tested this today for the first time: A LC-display on my MakerBot. The display is connected via the I2C bus of the extruder controller: The trim-... [ pleasantsoftware.com ]