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Chilling Effects – Updates From Anakata’s Trial

So I’m getting caught up in the curious case of Gottfrid Svartholm – we all know him as one of the heroes of the Pirate Bay, but he’s currently fac... [ cheapassfiction.com ]

Hey TUEBL-ers, I am sorry!

Hey again TUEBL-ers! Aelius here again. Remember me, you know, the one who lives here? Breaking news: I’m still here!  I really hate any kind of “s... [ cheapassfiction.com ]

PayPal Blockades Kopimist Church

Shocker of the year, people: PayPal has blocked the Kopimist Church of Idaho! Ok. It’s not the jaw-dropping scoop of the century. With their (admit... [ cheapassfiction.com ]

Aaaaand 2 Weeks Later, A Review:TPB_AFK the Pirate Bay Documentary

On February 8th, the four-years-in-the-works documentary on The Pirate Bay was released. TPB AFK is [ cheapassfiction.com ]