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I am a free software developer who thinks he's got an eye for design. I work mainly on Qt and KDE code but do enjoy some web development to keep me in the loop.

Learn Once, Write Anywhere

React, a JavaScript web library, comes to "native" [ agateau.com ]

Experimenting with keyboard shortcuts

A few weeks ago, I decided to make an experiment and completely rework the global shortcuts of my KDE desktop. I wanted them to make a bit more sen... [ agateau.com ]

A template for shell-based command-line scripts

If you write shell scripts, you may be familiar with the situation where you wrote a script, and now would like to extend it to add some optional a... [ agateau.com ]

What's new in Gwenview 4.12?

A (short) summary of the changes in Gwenview 4.12 [ agateau.com ]

My stance on Canonical CLA

When Canonical announced contributors to its projects had to transfer their copyright to the company to get their code in, it created a major backl... [ agateau.com ]

Running the Lenovo X1 Carbon at full speed when compiling

As you may remember, I got myself a shiny new laptop. With every new laptop comes a series of tweaks one has to apply to make the most of it. I alr... [ agateau.com ]

reviewboard-am, applying patches from ReviewBoard made easy

Presentation of a little tool I wrote to simplify the task of applying a patch posted on KDE ReviewBoard. [ agateau.com ]

Remapping keyboard keys on Lenovo Laptops

Latest Lenovo laptops are great, but their keyboard layout suffer from a very annoying flaw. [ agateau.com ]

Colibri 0.3.0

Announcing a new release of Colibri, an alternative to KDE Plasma notifications. [ agateau.com ]