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Scratch Markup Language (.sml)

SML (Scratch Markup Language) is a new file format for recording and replaying turntablism. We’ve developed open-source tools for accurately captur... [ fffff.at ]

Obama is watching you!

DOWNLOAD AND MAKE YOUR OWN, NOW!! OBAMA IS EVERYWHERE!! YEAHH FFFFFAT!! Yeah, we stole it from standard.at! Was tooo good! ;)) We’re making DER STA... [ fffff.at ]

When You Don’t Own Yourself

In the short time that Social Roulette was active, 393 people pulled the trigger. Given the 1 in 6 odds, approximately 65 people should have had th... [ fffff.at ]

Social Roulette

Social Roulette has a 1 in 6 chance of deleting your Facebook account. Everyone thinks about deleting their account at some point, it’s a completel... [ fffff.at ]

Ideas Worth Spreading

Bring your own Power Point presentation to Eyebeam and deliver, document, edit and upload your own pirate TED talk. Ideas Worth Spreading is part o... [ fffff.at ]


Now why the fuck would I wait to get Google Glass?  What good is a technology that alienates and belittles people?  Don’t be scared this is APPLE E... [ fffff.at ]


I renewed the EYEBEAM Dead Drop today as part of FAT GOLD. Drop YOUR ART!! here any time! Great job on that facade KATSU!!! :))) [ fffff.at ]

Webcam Venus

 A collaboration between Addie Wagenknecht & Pablo Garcia “I know it when I see it.” - US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, on the elusive defi... [ fffff.at ]

TPB AFK ILLEGAL CAM BOOTLEG at world premiere!!!

OMG!! Last friday I sneaked with my cam into the theater at Berlinale film festival (thx for the ticket @sinkdeep :)))  and I did a CAM BOOTLEG of ... [ fffff.at ]

A moment of silence for Aaron Swartz

But sharing isn’t immoral — it’s a moral imperative. Rest in Power, Aaron Swartz. (1986 -2013) We are not really as good at writing obits as we are... [ fffff.at ]