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Debian and Free Software developer


NetworkManager VPN Plugin to tunnel through DNS servers using iodine. [ honk.sigxcpu.org ]

GNOME Prepaid Manager

Prepaid-manager-applet (ppm) is an applet for the GNOME Desktop that allows you to check and top up the balance of GSM mobile prepaid SIM cards. [ honk.sigxcpu.org ]


Sapgui-package allows you to build a Debian package for the SAP GUI for Java from the available .JAR for Linux. [ honk.sigxcpu.org ]

Colors of Noise

My blog about Free Software projects. Feel free to flattr this if you find any of the postings helpful. [ honk.sigxcpu.org ]

Libvirt munin plugins

Plugins to monitor libvirt powered virtual machines via munin. [ honk.sigxcpu.org ]


Krb5-auth-dialog is a tray applet for the GNOME Desktop that monitors Kerberos tickets. It features ticket autorenewal and supports PKINIT. [ honk.sigxcpu.org ]


Suite to help with maintaining Debian packages in Git repositories [ honk.sigxcpu.org ]