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Pg 77: I Know What You Did Last Night

This week in Epic Fail: Yoru warns Amuletts to stay away from his Mother if she wants to go to Nirvana. Creator’s Commentary: Strictly speaking, in... [ epicfail.xepher.net ]

BONUS 07: Summer Special 2013

Here it is – the 2013 summer special with all the Epic Fail characters in their swimsuits. This was supposed to go up on the 1st but a combination ... [ epicfail.xepher.net ]

PG 76: Hairlarious

This week in Epic Fail: The rest of the party find Clodin’s new hair style hilarious. Creator’s Commentary: Arguably I’m just milking the same joke... [ epicfail.xepher.net ]

Pg 75: Scare Hair

This week in Epic Fail: Clodin is trying out a new look to try and get noticed more. Creator’s Commentary: So, yeah, reference to ‘The Hobbit.’ The... [ epicfail.xepher.net ]

Pg 74: Censorship

This week in Epic Fail: Martin thows a bucket of water over Amuletts’ and Tinuvielle’s heads, not because he hasn’t noticed the fire is already out... [ epicfail.xepher.net ]

Pg 72: Camp Fire

This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle’s bed mysteriously catches fire and Amuletts jumps to the rescue. Creator’s Commentary: No it’s not an April foo... [ epicfail.xepher.net ]

Getting Recovery Help Through Art Therapy

At the foundation of any recovery program is communication. Typically this would mean a lot of talking between the person struggling with an addict... [ epicfail.xepher.net ]

Pg 71: Intimidation Check

This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle threatens Amuletts with mime (now that is scary). Creator’s Commentary: Before you ask, yes, Tinuvielle actually... [ epicfail.xepher.net ]

Epic Fail, THOR's Hammer

Thor faces Loki in an epic battle, but he might be needing something... [ epicfail.xepher.net ]

How to integrate Flattr with Wordpress or Comicpress

It is easy to add a Flattr button to a single blog post, but if you have a large website it becomes a chore. If, like me, you are using WordPress t... [ epicfail.xepher.net ]