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Friends Dont Let Friends Play Zynga Games

Seriously, these things should be banned or better yet simply shunned by everyone. The fiendish genius of these games is that they give the player ... [ apartofthings.com ]

Google Grabs Another Bit of Mental Real Estate

Today (September 5th) would have been Freddie Mercury\'s birthday. In remembrance of him, Google has redone their logo as a flash music video of th... [ apartofthings.com ]

Less Profiteering, More Innovation

It occurred to me last night that the noise my car makes when I lock it with the remote is far too loud. That might be necessary when I am at a dis... [ apartofthings.com ]

Paul Krugman and the Space Invaders

Paul Krugman has received a fair amount of ridicule for his recent comments that an Alien invasion would help the global economy get back on its fe... [ apartofthings.com ]

Interesting Thoughts on Groupon

This is from Aziznomics. I think it wins on the title alone. Groupon: Unsustainable Parasite? [ apartofthings.com ]

An Article Worth Reading

This was in today\'s Globe and Mail. It\'s humane and thought-provoking. I’m glad I never had to decide whether my strange, lonely boy ought to exi... [ apartofthings.com ]

Poor Argument on Both Sides of the Fence

While reading the LA Times website the other day, I happened to click over to a post entitled \"Michele Bachmann is Worried About the Renaissance\"... [ apartofthings.com ]

Debt Ceilings, Defaults, and Distractions

Having, like everyone else, just lived through one of the most farcical moments ever in Washington DC politics, I feel compelled to point out that ... [ apartofthings.com ]

On the Possibility of Transcendence

There can be only two models of the universe and existence. Either there is a final layer, a consistent stratum out of which all that is has been c... [ apartofthings.com ]

The Future of Job Insecurity

Today Thomas Friedman wrote an op-ed in the NYT entitled \"The Start-up of You\", also the title of an upcoming management book by Reid Hoffman, th... [ apartofthings.com ]